Alabama On Fire was started after 18-year-old Tuscaloosa, AL student, Isabel Hope, decided she was tired of the political and social apathy toward the climate crisis in Alabama. She joined forces with fellow Alabama students, Jennifer Stroud, Austen Wyche, and Amari Crittenden to form the first entirely youth-led organization dedicated to fighting for political action on climate change in Alabama. The students who started this organization have experiences losing their homes due to climate disaster, living in underrepresented communities plagued by environmental racism, and putting their energy into saving Alabama in the 10 years we have left before the climate crisis becomes irreversible. They wanted to start a movement of young people around the state to push elected officials into action for our futures and to change the way that we have been talking about climate change. Our costal cities, rural communities, low-income areas, and everywhere else in Alabama and the world, depend on it. 


We believe that the climate crisis will only be solved in Alabama and around the world if young people and marginalized communities lead the movement for change. We are building an army of students around the state who are not going to sit by and wait for this crisis to ravage our home. 

Our strategy is: 

  1. Push elected officials to care about the climate crisis and enact proactive policies that keep our frontline communities safe

  2. Register new young voters who care about justice and will make the climate crisis a priority in Alabama’s elections

  3. Disrupt the status quo of fossil fuel money in our state government